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Youtube Unmonitized all my videos and unlinked me..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheChainTV, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. I didnt do anything wrong no Copyright breaks but it still says im in this network, mind you I didnt Opt out. I love this network...
  2. Bad story dude.
    I just used vidIq and they deleted my videos because of that : bug.png

    Be aware , it seems Youtube algorithm became crazy ...
  3. I just read the announcement, Its Scale Labs update that you wont be credited int he site till you get 500 subs... So far im just at 84
  4. I would email partner support to see why your videos are un-monetised at support@scalelab.com

    That`s true! Your very welcome to still use our dashboard and use our partner forums until you reach the 500 Subscriber mark however! Your still a valued member at ScaleLab!
  5. Pls help, after releasing on 17 Feb; my channel hit 500 subs 2 days ago, I wrote to support to require for re-joining ScaleLab CMS but not responding, I am still waiting!
  6. Hi!

    Support is not handled via the forum i'm afraid! Please email partner support at support@scalelab.com and they will definitely get back to you within a reasonable time frame. If you have any more questions please personally PM me.

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