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Who is interested in a Animation Software (Full Version)

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by Kazuki Lee, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. If you are looking for some great quality and fast animation software then look no farther. We are only offering this to 3 people. You can check out our channel to see just 25% of what this animation software can do. You will have accessed to 100% of the features.

    - Drag and Drop
    - Built in Story Boarding
    - Lip Sync, Audio Import and even voice recording
    - Cloud Hosting
    - Character Creation / templates (for non designers)
    - Background Creation / templates (for non designers)
    - Visual effects
    - HD Publishing
    and the features go on....

    You can used this for your YouTube Channel, for a business on say Fiverr! and more! I can teach the software to you in 10 mins tops, but the software is so intuitive you could learn it yourself even faster.

    Don't miss out on this full version opportunity!

    Contact us directly. Thanks!
  2. Would like to learn more about the software.
  3. i would take a look at it for sure ;-)
  4. I wanna take a look at it plz

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