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What IOS apps should we reveiw?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GLOBAL T3CH, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Global T3CH

    We are a tech and app reveiw channel looking for people to give us apps they want reviewed for IOS products. On our channel www.youtube.com/globalT3CH we do 3 main series a week.
       1) Throwback Sunday -We look back at tech products and apps that helped shape the tech world today.
       2) Is it a GO or a NO- We love to have our subscribers engage and this is a great chance for our viewers to vote on what they think about the product.
       3) Top Apps of the Week- Every week we will review android and IOS apps and give a quick look at each one we review.

    We also do unboxing and tech product reviews as they are needed, we try to produce 3-5 videos a week to keep our followers engaged and entertained.
    Our followers seem passionate about our channel and have started calling themselves Global T3CHers and T3CHheads which we love both names. 

    We are asking for who ever reads this to give us suggestions on IOS apps you would like to have reviewed.  We hope you will check out the channel and help us to produce great content. 

    Thank you and we look forward to your suggestions,

                             The Global T3CH team

  2. Global T3CH is giveing a LG G Watch and a LG G3 away. To enter just head on over to our channel and watch both videos.

    good luck,
    the Global T3CH team
  3. I like your channel do you do this full time?

    I would recommend doing whatever is at the top of the app store.

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