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Travel Filmmaking

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Andrew Klaiber, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, would love to introduce myself to the community. I'm 18 from Chicago, IL and I love to make travel films! Lately I just posted a short cinematic video of my trip to California and would love some feedback on it!

    Leave a comment if you did and I'll check out some of your videos as well! Lets grow together!
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  2. While I'm rather unfamiliar with this type of video, I think I have at least some feedback:
    - Try and find a better way to hold your camera (I'm gonna guess it's just a phone?), as some of the shots are DISTRACTINGLY shaky.
    - I liked the nighttime shot of the wheel, I'd recommend doing something similar in the future, using more shots like that interspersed in the video to shake things up and keep it interesting
    - Did the trip only take place on the beach? Or is that just what this kind of video is? I'm honestly asking, because just beach footage is rather.... bland, sand is a boring color. That's why my above suggestion is there
    - More interesting transitions would have been nice. Jump cuts can work, but some fades, wipes, etc. would be a nice shakeup. Don't go overboard and make it look like some 8th grader's English class project, keep it classy and use them sparingly to keep the viewer interested. If you use them to go in and out of the darker night shots I suggested earlier, and only then, that might be interesting. I actually really liked the first cut, the second or two of solid black. I'd say cut it to about 75% of its current length, just to match the song's beat. Actually, more cuts that fit the beat of your audio woulda helped with engagement

    Overall though it has some decent quality to it, with a bit of work you might be producing some excellent content to rival what the CA tourism board does (though they're not exactly professional levels usually). Keep working on your shot form and editing, and you'll do fine.
  3. nice bro i like making those types of videos 2 there sick i will check out your channel man ;-)

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