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This is my channel do you think you could tell me what

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by 2xg3mini_tv, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Channel link Down below
  2. Hi Cameron!

    I think overall your video and audio quality is pretty good and so is your presentation. So regarding the content on your channel your doing okay.

    However, the way you present that content (thumbnails and titles), is not exactly great: Untitled.png

    I, as a new viewer to your channel, have honestly not got the faintest idea what your videos are about. Except for your never have I ever and your welcome video, non of the titles you used are clear or descriptive. Next to that, the thumbnails you use, although fine on their own, look very chaotic together and make it even harder to find a video that I as a viewer might want to watch.

    So what I suggest you do is try to get those titles to be more engaging and more descriptive, and get your thumbnails a little bit more in sync.

    Hope thats something you can work with!

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