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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JPR Tips and Tricks, May 25, 2014.

  1. Hey all!

    I am Jacco from JPR Tips and Tricks.

    I put out a new video every sunday, with some tip or trick to get better at Illustrator, photoshop, Maya and After Effects. I am still learning those programs myself, but I enjoy sharing my small knowledge with others :)

    You can find my channel here.


    Can we all subscribe to eachothers channel, to help eachother out?

    On the next page, its easy to subscribe to eachothers channels, and I will start :)

  2. Ok, I subscribed to all of you, so feel free to subscribe back :)
  3. Hey!

    Thanks for the sub! You can watch on google for free AE intros. Just let me know if you find one, by sending me a message on Youtube and perhaps i could modify it for you :)
  4. Thanks, I've been looking but haven't found that many but I'll keep that in mind going forward.

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