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ScaleLab Discord Server? Have your say!

Discussion in 'Game Theory' started by EshanMistry73, Feb 23, 2017.


Should ScaleLab create a official Discord server for you guys?

  1. Hell Yeah!

    56 vote(s)
  2. Nope

    0 vote(s)
  1. Howdy partners!

    So at the start of the week we had some interest into perhaps creating a Discord server for you all to use. I know personally this would be a great tool to help find new collaborations with other partners on the forum!

    What do you guys personally think? If we get enough interest, we may even set one up! Remember, if you have any other suggestions on what you would like to see then throw them at me!

    If we do setup a Discord server, what type of channels would you all like to see as well? Remember, this server would be a new community platform for you all, and your input is vital!

    Look forward in hearing your thoughts and suggestions!
  2. Yes please.
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  3. Could be a very neat idea, create lots of different chat rooms for different things. So many incredible ideas could come with this. :)
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  4. Be sure to vote yes on the poll!
  5. Agreed, Kieron. This is just the start of many exciting things that we have in the pipeline.
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  6. Hell Yeah!! :))
  7. Looking Forward to Colab with you folks :D
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    For sure, I love Discord in general and the fact that the whole ScaleLab fam would be able to communicate is just awesome. I'll be waiting for it to happen, also if you need any help with bots, etc. my PMs are always open. Cheers!

    Edit: About the channels, you should have one for every genre, like 1 for gaming, 1 for lifestyle, etc.
  9. Indeed!

    Awesome stuff! We may need some help moderating it, so well bear that in mind!

    As for channels, we could make a few for main-stream games and then perhaps just a lobby. We can always expand when needed!
  10. will be cool! :D
  11. Sweet! Ill be discussing this with the ScaleLab team! Ill keep you guys updated! Keep an eye out :)
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  12. I'd be interested in this. Although, I would just like to offer a few recommendations:

    If you're going to create a Discord server, I'd suggest having multiple chat channels within that server, such as:

    • Pre-partnership questions (Where potential partners can contact ScaleLab staff with questions, with ScaleLab treating this thread as a live support page for such.)
    • General (Anything goes, but no self-promotion allowed in this thread.)
    • Collaborate (Where users can arrange in-person meet-ups or online collaborations.)
    • Promote (Video links are allowed, but users cannot beg for subscribers, or engage in sub-4-sub behavior. Violaters should be warned on first offense, then temporarily banned following future subsequent violations.)
    • Support (Where users can request help, and depending on the issue, a ScaleLab staff or a fellow user will help answer or solve their problem.)
    • Workshop (Where users can pitch their ideas for future network partnership features, criticize existing ones, and where ScaleLab can place surveys in order to better gauge community feedback. This would add a new level of transparancy from ScaleLab that would be appreciated, and may benefit ScaleLab as company, by creating a constant 2-way dialog with their community.)
    I have had a long on-and-off again relationship with ScaleLab, having once hosted a fairly-successful subnetwork under this network, and I have a loyalty to this company, and would like to work more with ScaleLab sometime in the future. If ScaleLab approves, I would be happy to assist in moderating the forums, and generating more discussion on that platform.

    Hope all this helps!
  13. Awesome stuff! Ill definitely keep that in mind, as the plan is to make this a great place for you guys to collaborate, so we will definitely need Moderators :)

    Ill ensure to put forwards your suggestions if we are given the all clear for the server!
  14. Sounds awesome. If you ever need help here, I'd be happy to help out here too, in my spare time. Either way, have a good weekend.
  15. You too man!
  16. Yes i helped for once lol
  17. I liked this company scalelab
    For it every day with the new :-*
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  18. Yes please, it would be great to be able to get to know each other better and help each other out, after all we are all the same community at the end of the day :)
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