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Reached 700 subscribers & 27,000 views

Discussion in 'Milestones' started by leagueofnema, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Heeyyy everyone.
    i am really happy to post new league of legends video :)

    i reached a new milestone :)

    700 Subscribers & 27,000 Lifetime Views. Feelsgoodman.

    Another more important thing.

    A Team of a professional player Hire me for their youtube. i got small job to edit their video. I have earn some Extra Money from that :) it really helps me to improve my editing skills :)


    Enjoying as a Youtuber

    Thank you!
  2. Wow, 700 subs for 27000 views... what did you do to them to subscribe?
  3. Providing quality content, good graphics & music selection...
    i am always trying my best to engage with my fans and subscribers :) that's it!
  4. Before few day's i made a big mistake... i just delete some videos which view near around 0-300... for the last month... by doing this i lost 11,000 lifetime views & revenue many be...

    I was just trying to clean up the video which didn't perform well...

    i didn't know that by deleting video's you will lost the views as welll...

    So, for those who didn't know & want to delete their video..
    set to private instead of deleting it. :)

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