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PC gaming Collab - Overwatch

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by MRmartash, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Looking for people to play some overwatch competitively and non-competitively on PC. It doesn't just have to be overwatch it can be anything else.
    My SR is 2996 - it would be good if you were within 1000 SR but if not no problem
    I am on EU servers just in case you wanted to know.
    A good mic would be good
    Age requirements 14+ but as long as we have fun don't care
    Everyone can record if you want and capture us doing some amazing things or stupid funny ****

    So just send me a message on twitter @MRmartash if your interested in playing some games and having fun :)

    oh and here's my channel I review games
  2. I also do overwatch videos. I don't do much comp on overwatch but I do quickplay and arcade. I am more into creating funny videos and fails in gaming because I'm not a very good gamer but its funny to watch someone fail. I'll send you my battlenet ID so you can add me and we can talk sometime. I'm 23 years old if that's any consolation. I live in the UK as well
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    Hey im interested in doing collabs, i play ovrewatch comp quite often and sometimes just mess around XD however i do play on US so we may have to work something out XD my SR is like 2100, keep getting stuck around 2k coz trollers and ppl leaving but no biggie ( p.s. im a genji main) I can always just switch my region to the UK though suince i don't even live in US or the UK mi actually live in Asia but I think my ping can hold out XD
  4. I have added you on battle.net hope to talk soonish
  5. hi,
    i would love to do colab with you. (http://bit.ly/MG_Sub). let me know if you are interested.
  6. yeah, im interested! just add me on battlenet(OwenWilk #4196) or on discord OwenWilk
  7. hi,
    unable to find you on discord. can u please share your youtube chanel link
  8. sure, my channel link is: Youtube.com/OwenWilk or my latest video is this :https://ltstyt.be/32Q , P.S. my discord name was OwenWilk
  9. hmmm, i cant use square brackets huh, its supposed to be YT inside the square brackets after OwenWilk
  10. heck ya hit me up i need better people to game with

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