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Need some help!

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by LaserKillStudios, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, so I'm not the best of artists or video makers unfortunately, I was wondering if anyone would like to help me make some graphics and maybe an opening video for my videos? It would really mean a lot to me, if it's too much to ask, that's alright. I'm just not good at it LOL.:p
  2. Hey, my other channel is flamebirdstudios where I make intros for people. So you want an intro? How long do you want it to be, which colors do you want me to use, and what kind of style? I can probably have it done by the end of this week
  3. Seriously? Sick bro, well, it should probably be close to 30 seconds for the length. Colors should be red/white/black. I'm thinking maybe with the name LaserKillStudios transitioning in somehow, doesn't really matter how lol. And add a clip from the song Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin if possible, really man, thanks so much. Truly means a lot!
  4. Awww man! That would be great if you would have the time to do same for me, intro like 5-10 seconds would be awesome! Also I commented one of your vids with a proposition of montage collaboration. Just msg me back what you think about it

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