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Need contacts for a feature length movie

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by Jamiethecomic - Revi, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. How's it going everyone?

    I am in the middle of a huge project that I need the help of an entire movie crew as well as writers, music artists etc.

    Does anyone know a place I can look for everyone I need?

  2. Where is the production location? Also, what is your experience with film? Do you have a budget and all that prepared already? I have written, filmed, directed, edited, and produced multiple films. I'd be glad to help if the circumstances were right! 
  3. Hi thanks for replying.

    Production Location willl be in America but as I'm from England, I need to get some money from the budget to accomidate my flights and living for the months I will be out there.

    Only a college diaploma in TV and film production is my real main experience with home films.

    Budget... I have a rough idea for what equitment I need to get. I don't know how much crew, catering, sets, props etc would cost. The idea is to go to kickstarter which is why I need contacts so early so I can get an estimate on the overal costs as well as get them ready for an immediate start if the kickstater is sucessful.

    The draft script is nearly done. I have all the key scenes written and just need to get someone to help me expand it to a feature lenugh movie without the talking becoming boring.  

    I know that proberly doesn't sound like much but I have conducted focus groups about this movie and the idea came off extermly positive after they read part of the script and saw a story boared teaser. 

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