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Need Advice on a BIG PROJECT :) please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ralph Theodory, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Hello ! my name is Ralph Theodory, i am new on Scale Lab,
    i am a huge Technology Fan, i have recently started my Youtube Channel, it has been doing good :)
    i have been planning to make a huge project, i've been developing this new video about IOS9. it's looking great and it is releasing in weeks.
    the video is so unique and features some jaw dropping features that you would love to have on your device, i'm sure that you'll find it very creative.
    it's going to be released in a few weeks, but the problem is that i have worked so hard on this and i want the video to be successful on youtube.
    any advice ? i am trying to make technology pages to write about it which may be hard. but first i need to focus on getting a good amount of views.
    so please, any help ?

    i'd be glad if you gave me an advice on making this video come to life.
    thank you so much !
    SIncerely, Ralph :)

  2. Social media is your friend here. Keep sharing, get your friends to share and even share yourself without people knowing its you. "OMG!!! HAV U SEEN DIS VID?!"

    Although, I can't guarantee the views you are looking for, I can post it on my website to help.

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