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Need a new Intro, and yes, you will get full video credits.

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by cybercian, May 31, 2016.

  1. Hello there fellow creators!

    My name is Cybercian and I am currently looking for someone to make me a new intro. The only requirements I have is that it uses the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahCMf3lp0go (anywhere between 1:05-1:25)

    In terms of your side, you will get full credits including a link to your channel in every description and a place on my featured channels list. If you have any aditional requirements in order to make this intro, then do not hesitate to leave a reply to this thread :D .

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXcurH ... wqXBFFT4XQ
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CybercianYT
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cybercian
  2. Re: Need a new Intro, and yes, you will get full video credi

    I am Asit and i am going to post videos on the famous Game "Clash of Clans".
    I need a catching and high quality intro for it.
    My Channel has a poster.(can upload it here)
    Just need a god 5-7 secs intro for my channel.
    pls Help and do reply soon!

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