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Looking for ps4 youtubers who want to collab on gameplay videos!

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by DonHazeon, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Hey guys&girls!

    first of all let me introduce myself here real quick! my name is Erik or DonHazeon whatever you prefer :p and i have a gaming channel on youtube :)
    i recently just started doing youtube and i want to find one or more awesome youtubers like yourself to create some amazing gameplay videos with!

    i do record from my playstation 4 (my PSN is: DonHazeon-YT)

    and i mainly play
    - Minecraft
    - GTA5 (which i still need to create some videos of)
    - Crossout.

    Im always open to try out some new games aswell!

    Do you feel like you want to create some gta videos with me doing either stuntraces or LTS or both? or whatever game you like to play!

    who knows we might even find ourselfs a group here with who we can record on a regular base!

    I dont mind your subcount! since im pretty darn small myself to :p so if you have a million or maybe even 1. hit me up! show me your channel and we get to talking!!

    hope to hear from you guys&girls!

    o yeah here is my channel!


    Peace out! Don

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