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Looking for like-minded Content Creators [4k]

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by Blade_Yard, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Hey there guys, my names Vale_Yard, I run the BladeYard Channel and we currently have 4,000 subscribers. Me and my buddy share the channel and upload daily. My current schedule is to Upload short 15 minute videos everyday at 12pm-1pm central and live-stream 1-3 hour long streams at 7c. Warning: I'm and adult and say whatever I feel like in my live-streams this includes saucy, inappropriate, toilet humor.

    Currently recording Dream Daddy and Owlboy, while live-streaming several different games such as Mass effect: Andromeda, Fortnite, Overwatch Competitive, Just Dance for the switch, Arms, Jackbox Party-Pack with the fans, and more that I cant remember right now. There's something for everyone.

    Really trying to reach out and find people to collaborate with, generally looking for people of the same frame of mind who play the same type of games.

    Youtube: youtube.com/bladeyard
    Twitter: @bladeyard

    This is a video I ran for an ad Campaign earlier in the summer, figured if i was gonna do it i'd keep it short and sweet.

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  2. I'm interested and you seem pretty chill and cool to collab with
  3. yeah i want to collab we can talk about this on twitter @captaingrip619
  4. Hi,
    Do you guys have a discord or something that you use? I would like to join, if you are still looking for new people.
  5. Hey not sure if your still looking for people but do have a look at my channel and let me know as i wouldn't mind livestreaming together sometime.

    -My Channel:

  6. hey hit me up. Lets get to know eachother.
  7. hey man hit me up and get to know eachother?
  8. okay man ill text you on twitter
  9. Hey dude, I have been playing Fortnite lately. Check the game out and if interests you we could do some live streams and stuff together! :)

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