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Let's Collab!

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by zaizoa, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Hey guys what's up!?

    So, to get started I suppose I should introduce myself.
    My name is zaizoa, I run a small YouTube channel with just over 14,000 subscribers.

    Primarily I play PC games and do some really random skits and vlogs however I'm looking to find a group of cool and chill people that really create a great atmosphere that I can collaborate with and podcast with.

    There are no real rules for people I'm looking for, any amount of subscribers and any age as long as we get along and I think we can work well together then it works!!! So feel free to reply with your channel and any other nifty details and I'll check you out to see if I think we can work something out c:

    I look forward to your responses!
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  2. Hey dude, I have been playing Fortnite lately. Check the game out and if interests you we could do something together! :)
  3. Well I feel a little late to the party in terms of responding, but us guys here at Criticasm would love to collab with you. Full disclosure we're a small channel, but we are looking for quality collabs. Here's a link to our channel if you want to check us out goo.gl/SLLJGL . If you like us great! If not, there are no hard feelings. Anyways we look forward to hearing from you!
  4. Want to do sub box for sub box?
  5. huh what is that?
  6. I'm looking for minded like people who vlog check my channel out and we can go on from thier
  7. At the side of your home page it usually has featured channels and now they have a channels tab so I'll put your channel on mine if you do the same.
  8. Ow okay I see it now. I am down for it but how do I include you in the featured channels list?
  9. Fortnite pls :V
  10. Sure, I play and sometimes stream Fortnite! :) Send me a private message if you would like to collaborate together on some project
  11. Ok man.
  12. Anyone can collab with me?
    I will appreciate if you do.TECH channel
  13. Hey whats good guys. I'm interested in collabing , message me on instagram @sounza_official
  14. hey bro i'm interested
  15. Hello, i’d actually be interested. I just started making videos and streaming again don’t really have that many subscribers but i enjoy doing it. I changed from a league of legends only account to mainly overwatch and other games if requested. Let me know if you’re interested.
  16. Am I a little late for this?
    I have a channel around 2000 subscribers and I have also been loving fortnite recently! so :3
  17. I'm very interested I just started vlogging & get A lot of positive feedback I'm quit shy but overcoming it I'd love to Collab & work together in a vide if interested check me out

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