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Kicking Off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joe Zims JavaScript, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. It seems I am alone in this community. I hope that changes soon.

    Anyway, I'm Joe Zimmerman. I run a blog and my YouTube channel is linked to it
    Blog: http://www.joezimjs.com
    YTC: http://youtube.com/joezim007

    I'm all about JavaScript, though in time the blog and channel may branch out more to general web development. I've been mostly on hiatus for the past 10 months, but as soon as I finish writing my book, I'm going to be working hard to bring this community up to speed and moving forward. I hope to someday quit my full time job and make money exclusively online through my YouTube channel(s) and other online money-making means.

    If you have any web development knowledge, I'd love to connect and maybe do some collaboration.

    See ya on the other side,
    Joe Zim
  2. Hi Joe,

    I've been learning HTML, JS and a couple of other languages using Codecademy.com, I made a test website all about the new Apple programming language that came out back in June 2014 (WWDC14) I was wondering if you could kind of guide me onto what I need to do after having done my index.html and style.css files. The main thing is what to do to get it up and live on the Internet.

    Kind Regards,
  3. You need to find a host server (can range from free to $50+/month). Hostgator.com works pretty well, but isn't really the most beginner friendly and will cost about $5/mo. You'll probably also need to register a domain name (about $10/year) unless you find a host that will give you a free subdomain (e.g. yoursite.hostingsite.com). If it's just a simple HTML and CSS file site, I'd go looking for a free host with a free subdomain.
  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, I've been looking for domains but all of them have their own domains on the back of it which kind of looks cheap, would godaddy.com be a good register and server host?

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