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Kick it Off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joe Zims JavaScript, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. It seems I am alone in this community. I hope that changes soon.

    Anyway, I'm Joe Zimmerman. I run a blog and my YouTube channel is linked to it
    Blog: http://www.joezimjs.com
    YTC: http://youtube.com/joezim007

    I'm all about JavaScript, though in time the blog and channel may branch out more to general web development. I've been mostly on hiatus for the past 10 months, but as soon as I finish writing my book, I'm going to be working hard to bring this community up to speed and moving forward. I hope to someday quit my full time job and make money exclusively online through my YouTube channel(s) and other online money-making means.

    If you have any web development knowledge, I'd love to connect and maybe do some collaboration.

    See ya on the other side,
    Joe Zim
  2. I'll join the discussion and say how happy I am to have finally found a network to try and help grow my channel.  I'm a Network Administrator by day and web developer/YouTuber by night.  My real love is for web development, and teaching whatever I learn to anyone interested in learning it.  I would love to have a fully thriving channel someday and make enough money to do this full time as well, although I realize that's a pretty lofty goal, I think it's attainable.  I just passed the 60 subscriber mark so I'm hoping that the snowball effect truly happens and that number starts to grow.  I'm normally talking about HTML, CSS, PHP (procedural, not quite strong enough in OOP to begin teaching it), and JQuery in my tutorials but I hope to branch it out a little bit to some other languages.

    Dave Haertel
    Port City Technology

    PS I'm looking for a good service to create an intro video for use to help with branding, if anyone can recommend one, I'd be very grateful.  Thanks.
  3. Hi Joe, I subscribed to your YouTube channel and followed you on Google Plus.  

    Javascript is a new pick up for me but I love what I've learned so far, especially node.js, and looks like you have a pretty good handle on that, I'll be watching those vids closely.  I'm also really digging into OO PHP and once I have a grasp on that am going to add that as a series on my YouTube channel.  I've also signed up for a free Mongo DB course on their community and can't wait to start that, there's a lot of cool stuff being done with node and Mongo and I'm going to try and marry those 2 in an upcoming series as well.  

  4. Hi Yall!

    My name Is Ron; owner of a local I.T. service business serving the greater New Orleans area.  I've always had a knack for computers since my dad brought home an 80/286 system (yea, late 80s flashback). However, I had spent most of my working experience in the hotel/restaurant/tourism industry that this area is known for.

    In the early 2K, I began to work on family and friends devices. Around 2008, I decided to take my natural knack for technology and combine it with the ethics and morals of true southern-hospitality service, to form my own business. Here I am six years later and although the competition in my area is dense, I’m still holding my market share strongly. Although, due to the internet’s ever growing DIY material along with other factors, computer service wasn't enough to make a living on. Fortunately, I didn’t narrow myself down to just that though. 

    This year, I’m taking my business to new levels. I have been picking up on the ever changing SEO, IM, and web dev.  standards to give myself the competitive edge for quite a while, but now it’s time I go full force with it and offer it as a service to my community as well. Along this new journey, I've found the quickest way to get to the top of google SERPs fast is via YouTube. Our channel begun as showing some demonstrations of some of the services we do for our clients but will eventually grow into much, much more.  Here are just a few things you can expect to see when joining:

    * Computing Tips > Windows OS, Hardware Maintenance, and Security
    * Web Development > Tips and trends in internet marketing & social media
    * Product Reviews> PC, smartphones, gadgets, etc...
    * And whatever else I.T related stuff I can think of to come

    We hope you'll join us as we grow and partake in our extensive tech knowledge video library on YouTube. Feel free to reach us on all of the other mediums listed below as well. Thanks for your time and we look forward to helping make technology work for you.

    Technically Yours,
    Ron B.
    CEO - Contrive I.T. ~ Where technology Meets Hospitality
    Greater New Orleans, LA.

    Facebook| Twitter| LinkedIn| G+ | YouTube | Home Page
  5. Great to finally see some people jumping into this community! I'm also looking forward to getting back into the blogging and Youtubing game. It's been a while since I've actively worked on either one, but now that my book is nearly complete, I can start focusing some energy back into it. I too hope to be able to take this full time, though it'll quite a while before that happens.

    If anyone has an idea for some sort of collaboration, lay it out; I'd love to give it a shot to help grow each of our channels.

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