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Channel If you like lyric videos check my channel

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by MusicLyrics, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. Welcome to Music Lyrics!
    We are a Youtube channel bringing lyric videos of the last hits!
    Link aqui : https://cutt.ly/MusicLyrics
    Thank you for arriving here, if you are thinking about being a Patreon, think that 3€ a month is less than what you will be saving because of the bars closure =)

    Please subscribe and share the video to help us grow and keep enjoying our videos!
    You can discover new videos everyday, please subscribe and hit that like button,here to visit the channel.

    If you want to ask for songs, obtain merch (Sometimes for free), content only for Patreon, community chat and private streaming you should become a Patreon.
    For general and business queries: musiclyrics801@gmail.com

    I hope we'll soon be a lot of people

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