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I want to make a gaming montage

Discussion in 'Game Theory' started by ironboy12345678, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. I haven't made a montage in years, and I'm wanting to make one for someone, for free, or whatever, I'm not MLG Pro editor, not even close, but I have a lot of free time, so if you have some awesome gameplays I would love to make a montage for you, I would prefer it to be CoD or CS:GO, or another similar game

    I'm wanting to clean the rust off of my editing skillz, so beware it's not going to be that good, but I will try.

    I don't have any videos to show for myself, the clan i did videos for deleted all their videos, and quit.

    just shoot me a message if you want a montage
    1. I'm interested.I could try to send you some mcpe skywars clips I have,or if possible I could try to record some Pixel Gun 3D
  2. Nasıl bir montaj?
  3. Im really sorry but i have no idea what that means, i can only speak English.
  4. Hey, i play alot of csgo and mah chanmel is based around cs. could you make me some good montages?

    email : jaronlgaming@gmail.com
  5. Oh yeah pls replay via mail, i dont check scale that much.

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