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Channel I Just made a new channel about road trip & photography! (Spanish) (English)

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by NexhkiiEdits, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Recently i just made a new channel about my road trip's videos in Puerto Rico!(my country of course) & also i do photography in my other social media's pages !! the reason why i created the channel its because i like to edit too much & also i like to do videos! & i created other social medias page like Instagram, Facebook & twitter its because i like to do photography!

    Recientemente cree un canal en youtube de videos acerca de turisteando en diferentes lugares de mi país como fuera de mi país!, tambien tengo otras redes sociales lo cual subo la parte de las fotos! La razon por la cual me cree el canal fue porque me gusta mucho editar videos y hacerlos! y tambien la razon por la cual me cree paginas en las diferentes plataformas como Instagram, Facebook y twitter es porque me gusta hacer fotografia!
    Heres my channel!
    aqui esta mi canal!
  2. Hello I’m a small YouTubed trying to get more subscribers and viewers I play/ stream FPS games such as R6,CS:GO,APEX Legends and more... if you think you would enjoy my content watch and subscribe to my channel every sub helps me get close and closer to getting a partnership with scalelab!!!

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