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I Have 40,000 subscribers if you wanna collab hit me up

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by JTogs_Lobbies, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Can u collob with me
    My youtube channel
    Funky londa
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  3. Hey bro i want to collob with you my channel
    Top Surprise
    Hit me up
  5. Through my channel to see videos about the beautiful Vietnamese girls
  6. Come to your channel to watch videos about the beautiful Vietnamese girls
  7. Hey! I’d love to collab and I’m down to do whatever, from gaming to parody’s just let me know if you’re down!

  8. I have 21,000 subscribers, and I have never really been good at collabing i only have a few of them on my channel. I am trying to get after it! Hit me up!
  9. Hey guys!lets help each other to reach our 2500k subscriber goals!!!!just comment and il sub back!!we need each other to grow!
  10. Hey im interested in a colab my twitter is @CaedmonMarx and My youtube is Caedmon Marx
  11. Hey brother need a shoutout hope you will help channel name : just sports -cricket
  12. We want to collaborate with you.
    Please help us.
  13. I will like to collaborate with your channel my channel is movie world tv
    Hit my up nolly889@gmail.com
  14. Hi,

    Your channel is great.
    I would love to collab with you, you are a great person.

    My Channel is name : Gooba TV
  15. Come collab with my channel, my channel niche pets and animals.

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