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I Am Doing 10 Free Banners and 5 Free Profile Icons

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by usikud, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. I am trying to set up my portfolio and I don't want a lot of things using my own name so I will be doing free banners and profile icons for anybody that wants them. They will be custom made for you and there is no catch. You won't even have to sub to my channel. The only thing I ask of you is that you give me permission to make a speed art of the creation and that I put my signature at the top right of the banner so that your subs know who made the banner. If you have friends make sure to direct them to this post because only the first 15 people to ask in this post will get this special offer. I will only respond to posts on this forum so if you contact me on any other platform I will not respond to you.

    1: Drvma
    2: LegacyNoble
    3: ToygrrHD
    4: MinecraftForce
    5: RoyalPainGaming
    6: ServerHop
    1: Drvma
    2: Cybercian
    3: LegacyNoble
    4: MinecraftForce
    5: RoyalPainGaming

    My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCbVvR2r2mP01aGhPtw5e3Q
  2. hey could you please do one for me i really need a banner/profile pic it would mean alot if you could
  3. sure but do you need both or just one.
  4. could you do both?
  5. Hey man, If you could make me a new Profile icon that would be awesome!! ;)
  6. If you can make me a Banner and if you can a Profile Pic. That would REALLY love you and my day! ;)
  7. This is an update on the promotion. If you asked in this forum contact me in the private message system so that I can figure out what you want.
  8. can i get a banner? the only thing i ask is that it is orange themed
  9. Do we need to submit any images if there is stuff we would like to have in it?
  10. You don't "have" to submit pictures to me but if you have a logo or you want something super specific it can help, but I will make it without any submitted pics by the way if anybody wants a icon hurry up because there is only one more slot.
  11. Profile pic and banner please.
  12. A quick update: Now all the profile pics are done so they will no longer be given out and if you haven't messaged me over the private message system hit me up on skype @bigsilk123
  13. Can i PLease Get a banner thanks man!
  14. Can I get a banner?
  15. Will you please make me a banner, that wold mean a lot. Also I'm going to start doing gaming videos just in case that helps you, thanks!

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