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How can I leave this network?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ambishion, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. Pretty much been unlinked for no reason, I never received a notification or a warning that this would happen. I want to make sure they can't just link me up again and start taking my ad revenue whenever they so choose.
  2. They didnt unlink you if you still can use the apps your still in it, and all the ad money google gives it to you not the network :) ya at first it was little confusing :) when u got the email they said once you get 500 your credited in the network :)
  3. Hello
    How do I know my channel is unlinked and if my channel more than 500 sub +
    Do you not unlinked
    Thank you
  4. Hey,

    Please check your emails. If you have under 500 subscribers, you will have been sent a email with all the details!
  5. Hello
    i have 29000 subscribers Why my channel unlinked
    Thank you
  6. sorry i have 26000 Sub
  7. I will PM you via the forum!

    Thread Locked.
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