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Hi, please take a look at my channel I make beats. Any feedback helps

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by SkcBeatz, Feb 3, 2017.


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  1. Hi everyone! Please check out my music channel "SKCBeatz". I create custom hip hop beats/ instrumentals with my own twist to them. Please drop a like and subscribe if you enjoy them. Also any feedback for the channel would be appreciated a lot as I wish to build on it this year.

    Thank you.
  2. good music man! since this is a music channel, i can't really give a lot of tips. I enjoy the music, so i would say, keep up the good work. and i hope to see you achieve a big thing in the future!

    hope you can return the favor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfIFCCotXv3rGDFQIi3abg
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  3. Thank you @Zenia appreciate the kind words.

    I just checked your channel, its really good. Has a nice clean layout and the videos are funny. The "Kid cussing his mom" video had me laughing in seconds lol. Keep up the good work!
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  4. Good chanel!
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  5. Thank you
  6. Checked out your channel! Subscribe and left a comment, I don't have any tips for you, you seem to be doing a great job so far, best of luck to you, and I will be sure to listen to your music when I see it in my subbox. :)
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  7. I like the music! I don't think the flames look too good though over layed on the text like that. I dropped a sub and a like though!
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  8. Thank you @Vyzro appreciate it!

    @OTIIN Do you know any good software to add fx over texts, im terrible at that stuff lol
  9. ayo link up
  10. You are to impressive to give feedback.
    I only will give you hand full of claps.
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  11. Damn son I actually like this mix you got here. I say keep going! I definitely enjoy it. I even think i can make some lyrics to them so don't be so harsh. Anyways good job and best of luck!
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  12. @T.A.M.E_Inc Thanks a lot for checking them out. Really appreciate that
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  13. @Sheep_Dreams Thanks a lot, appreciate it man. Feel free to use it, would be dope to hear what you drop :)
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  16. Hi, thanks for checking it out!

    Your videos are funny just had a look bro. How would you wanna collab? Open to ideas.

  17. Well on my channel I make music as well, my mixtapes and album are on there. I was wondering if you would just be someone to make beats for me and we can grow together :) I know I will be famous soon, the thing is will you take a chance on me. Some people just can't do stuff for free. I edit videos for free for people to help me get better at it, so if you do it for free I won't cut into your Youtube schedule nor come to you every day and stuff lol
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  18. Good stuff! Your doing well!
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  19. thank you!

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