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Channel Hi, I'm zak kaioken, I make memes and i play games.

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by ZakKaioken, Feb 3, 2018.


Do you like the content I upload on my channel?

  1. Yes

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  2. yes, but there's not enough content on the channel.

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  3. yes, but you're kinda boring.

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  4. I dont really know

  5. No, you do something I really hate

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  6. No, I hate memes

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  7. No

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  1. I'm Zak Kaioken.

    I'm gonna put my channel link here because It's kinda hard to find everyones channels on this thread: http://youtube.com/c/zakkaioken

    I like making gaming videos on my channel when I'm not working on other memes and real life type videos. sometimes I stream, sometimes i dont. I try to stay active, posing at most 1 time a day and at least 1 time a week. I'm working on making my content as watchable as possible, mostly because people leave within the first 2 minutes of 80% of my videos.

    I just hit 100 subs on my channel and feel happy.

    I've been using scale labs for a few years now but have never told anyone my channel.

    I really enjoy making mems sometimes, like this great old meme i made a while back:

    I'm not going to ask you to like all my videos or to sub to my youtube channel, or to share them with all your friends. only do it if you want to. I'll suggest for you to at least browse my list of videos to see if i have any that interest you. also I'm not gonna try to milk out a small one of a kind video that gets me views, it's up to the new content to keep people watchng in other more interesting ways. that's how the channel works.
    I also do not support sub4sub because it makes it impossible to grow the views per day on the channel past a certain ammount, because people wont watch my content that way.

    If you see a video you like on my channel and want to see more of it, tell me and I'll keep it in my mind as a suggestion.
    also, I read every comment on every video, whether it's hate or not, I enjoy reading ALL kinds of comments so if you want to comment go right ahead!

    Recently I learned why I was not doing well on youtube, why I would give up so easily, why I was not getting more than 3 views per video.

    Some of the reasons I was doing bad at youtube were. 1. I didnt upload consistantly 2. I didnt bother with keeping people watching 3.I would give up right before starting to do well. 4. everytime I wanted to upload different content I would make a new channel and that new content to it, which in turn broke my will to upload on the main channel and i would switch to it. this kept going on for a while.

    So I wanted to stop doing that, I made a new google account and set that to my new main and no matter what, I cannot switch to another channel, or stop uploading for more than a month. I just have to sit down and make content for this channel. all kinds of content that is main channel worthy goes on the main channel and everything not so main channel worthy goes on my second channel. simple as that.

    Thanks for reading and have a great day my dudes here at scalelab!
  2. Yesss the memess!!!
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