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Help with intro

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by JJaxson, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I have sony vegas pro and i just want help making a clean 2d intro
  2. If I was you I would go ahead and just make a 3d intro there are many free programs out there to make good intros.
  3. Hello!

    I believe this video will help you create an amazing intro in Sony Vegas Pro. Check it out: .
  4. Hey! I heard you need a clean intro? If you want i can help with that! I do it for a very VERY small price. About the same price as a mcdonald meal! I do clean intros as for myself you can see if you want how mines is :

    Its good to make an original intro rather than have your name jumping around and spinning with all types of crazy colors and stuff flying around like everybody else has, originality is key to standing out from the rest of the youtubers! If you are interested you can DM through twitter @niyoriety_ or my email niyorietygaming@gmail.com! Or you can simply comment through my yourube videos! Thanks for your time :)!

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