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Video God Eater 3 Announcement Trailer Live Reaction

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by WraithZoneVelvetRoomGamin, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. #1 WraithZoneVelvetRoomGamin, Mar 30, 2018
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    So I have been invested into the God Eater Series, ever Since the original Game was announced for the PSP back in 2010.

    When it was announced that the God Eater Series would be brought to the PlayStation 4, I didn't hesitate to purchased the game and have been playing it ever since early 2016.

    Unfortunately it took me until the end of 2017 and now to get to the end of the first game and I had to postpone my playthrough of the second. but I still plan to get into this one.

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