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Free Intro's,Outro's,Banner's!

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by singh style, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hey guys this is asg from singhstyle and i am new to voustudios so i thought to give you all free banners,outro's and intro's.But You have to follow these things first!
    Portfolio for banner- www.singhstyle.weebly.com
    1.)Check My Channel-Youtube.com/homeofgaming
    2.)Like My Vids!
    3.)If you want outro or intro-
    Either shoutout my channel or give me credits in whichever video your gonna use it (Each Video)
    4.)If Banner- I will just write my name on banner nothing else!
  2. Yo what's up you still doing this?
    If you are can you contact me through twitter i'll be most likely to respond faster on there.
  3. yo, how ya doing? i'm really interesed in your intro's and outro's! and i really like your channel.
    can you contact me on twitter?
  4. can i have a outro i will give u a shoutout
  5. Hi there.. i'm interested in intro's and outro's, have you got any samples of what to expect??

    thanks for the offer...!!


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