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FREE EDITOR! FREE Banners/Thumbnails.

Discussion in 'Production Help' started by IrepScotland, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Hi guys i have always been using programmes like Sony Vegas & After Effects and been recording and messing with those programmes for quite some time, no i want to get better with graphics also and am willing to make the following for nothing but Credit!
    I'm not saying im good but i wouldn't say im bad....i just want to practise,grow my channel and help others in the process!

    EDITS(I want to make edits more than anything else but i'm pretty busy so getting clips for my own is way too long)
    Tutorials (For Cinema4D & Sony Vegas)
    Twitch Overlays
    Forum Signatures

    Contact me:
    www.instagram.com/IrepScotland (Personal & YT account, feel free to follow & contact me)
    www.facebook.com/IrepScotland (Youtube FB)
    www.facebook.com/IrepScotlandWeekly (Personal FB, Feel free to add me and inbox me)
    www.twitter.com/IrepScotland1 (Feel free to follow & Tweet me)
    www.youtube.com/IrepScotland (Has a few edits up for you to look at)

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