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for the tiny youtuber...

Discussion in 'Ideas, Bugs, and Suggestions' started by MrMoliton1190, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. hello I will want to talk about a very big point that my sadly disappointed this network so that you can address them.

    Recently I looked under channel support, I learned that he had $ 100 to be paid after a month, unfortunately a big part of me that possessing some views can not have the necessary views for $ 100 it will take several years !! Please I beg you in the name of a large part of youtubers to remedy this problem.
    thank you
  2. I used to be upset about the large amount for a payout but after a while I understand it's not much of an issue. I took a look at your channel and I think your issue is you lack, good, high quality and frequent content. Your last one was over a month ago.

    Before you complain about the payout consider improving your content by improving how you present yourself. I took me a 3 year (before scalelab) before I realised the best way to present my content. As soon as I understood that I was able to make content on a regular basis (except now as I am having a break to persue other projects). The more content and the more frequent you get it out there and of higher quality your views will shoot up. It takes time. Never expect people to just give you money for little work. Work for it and it will being better for not only you but your viewers.

    I'm still tiny but with the advice Scalelab have provided me I was able to improve my content and now my views and subs are shooting up faster than before to the point I could reach 1000 subs months before I predicted I would.
  3. Hey,

    What is your payment option? Minimum payout for Paypal is $1 while check and direct transfer is $100.

    Well, that is the minimum payouts for our sub-network which is with Scalelab. I hope this information may help out.
  4. Yes thanks i go thruogh paypal so i dont have to have $100 net? As long as it atleast a dollar right?

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