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Channel Come Check out my channel

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by QueenGamerVampires, Jan 22, 2018.


Would u like to see more Horror Games on my channel?

  1. Yes

  2. no

  3. Up to you

  4. yes with more people (Collab)

  5. All the above?!

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  1. Hi, I'm QueenGamerVampires, the Vampire Queen! I play all kinds of games ranging from horror to RPG Maker games. I'm The Creator of legend of the Vampire Queen working with Razorhog444, Left and Szamerm (For Some of his models). I also do unboxing videos and collaborations with other YouTubers such as Crimz, Razorhog444, Bestblood17 and many others. The short version of the long story that leads me to YouTube is that my friends and I were playing Halo 3 and they were recording it at the time. They said once we were done, the video was going on YouTube and then lost their minds when I asked what YouTube was. They introduced me to it and, shortly after I made an account, I started posting my own content. The sole purpose of this channel is to bring joy and laughter New videos (Twice A Week) get posted on Friday and Monday @ 3pm (PST).

  2. Glad to see you in the forums Vamp!!! I love that your a dev and youtuber!! If anyone wants to see a game he developed as his first fps shooter game check it out on my video here with the link to the game in description. Also very nice story about starting out vamp! I hope i helped a lot as well along the way! ;)

  3. the Production of Episode 2 of Wrath will start at the end of this month cx so get ready and yes Razorhog444 u have helped alot cx and i really appreciate it man c; and it means alot to me c; i cant for u and me and left to work on Ep2 of wrath cause u are taking the lead in episode 2 of wrath c; . Just for the record Episode 2 is gonna be huge >:3
  4. yes it is going to be big and i have a lot of ideas!! Cant wait to have fun!
  5. allways amazing ^^ ppl hear you are so great at what u do :D =)
  6. Yes i love vamps games and i thank you for all the help on them left
  7. you are the best i even met in my life :3 i hope u know that razor and vamp i allways help u and i allways be your best friend ^^ ty for coming in my life :D
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  8. Hey, I'd love it if you could check out my channel I think you'd like it. I'm trying to hit 500 subs.
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  9. she amazing game dev and make good rpg games =D she working on her new games now and she abit busy but she problly will check it out when ever she can :)
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