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COLLAB WITH ME? 15yo from UK

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by TotallyJake, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,
    First time posting on the scalelab forums XD. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in collabing to either make a group or just posting a couple of vids together! I have around 200 subs and I play games like CSGO, rocket league and I am open to trying new games! I live in the UK and im 15 years old(somewhat squeaker).
    I don't mind playing with anyone but I would prefer to collab with someone at around 100+ subs and with a decent mic! Thats not a rule though its just preferable! Please message me on steam about the collab. <3
  2. Id be interested
  3. Hey that's pretty good, is all I have to say!
  4. Whats your Youtube?
  5. Thanks bro! I saw you commented on my video! <3
  6. Nice broh. Keep it up
  7. Messaged u on steam mate
  8. Hey man this sounds great i am willing to collab i play H1Z1 and golf with friends atm
  9. Do you by any change have an xbox 360 and want to collab? I am a modder and people always look down on me because of that. They say im a game ruiner, a cheater, a fake gamer. But they dont really know what modding really is, could you help me show more people what I do? I have over 500subs
  10. hi,
    i would love to do colab with you. (http://bit.ly/MG_Sub). let me know if you are interested.

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