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Code Editors and Development setup

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by portcitytech, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Ok, so just to try and get things moving here, how is your development process setup including editors? Here's a run down for me:
    1. I use bit torrent sync to keep my local webservers and databases synced between my MacBook Pro and my desktop
    2. I use dropbox to house my code, basically redirecting dropbox into the htdocs folder of xampp or mamp on both machines, when I code, the changes are made across all the dropbox access points
    3. I use Sublime Text edit 2 for static development but when I'm on the road or another computer I use codeanywhere.net which can also be added as a Google Chrome app from the marketplace and codeanywhere also lets me access my dropbox code folder, although I don't have access to the databases this way it works great if I just need to edit static code
    4. For iPhone projects I use coda on the MacBook Pro, this is a totally new area for me so it's not gotten alot of use or setup attention
    5. For collarboration I use github
    So, what's everyone else's setup?

    Dave Haertel
    Port City Technology
  2. This whole post reminded me of another series I had wanted to develop on my channel.  I've used multiple local development server setups in my career trying to get to the most basic, simple and organized way to keep me on the right path.  That in mind, I started a series about setting up development servers.  I'm starting with Ubuntu but will also be doing Mac and Windows.  


  3. I use Sublime Text for practically all editing. Sometimes I use Notepad++ because they have a great FTP feature, but that's pretty rare because I don't tend to work with FTP... only for quick edits to my blog.

    I use Git for personal projects and Mercurial at work as version control. I don't do the launching at work, so I'm not 100% sure how that works, but for personal projects I don't actually have any live projects other than some WordPress sites, which I don't mess with the code too much on. I also host all my projects on GIthub.

    I really want to find a way to put version control on my blogs, so I can do custom theme work, but I don't think my host allows version control. I'll have to look into it more. I'd also love to look into version controlling the database so that I can make changes to posts/widgets/etc on a dev machine and then push them to the live site after testing them. That's another thing I'll have to look into.
  4. I'm not sure how most of the big hosts work, but I own a VPS so I have root level access and could install version control if I wanted to, what would bother me about version controlling live sites would be if the code were somehow compromised through a hack or malicious attack.  I started off with the VPS just because I love to tinker but it turned out to be a little bit of a money maker, as I was able to start hosting clients sites.  I hate being a system administrator (its also my day job) so I hire out a hardening service that handles any of the particular tricky stuff that I don't feel like dealing with and it was surprisingly affordable, so a double win for me there. 
  5. I actually found out that my host does allow SSH access and version control. I just wish there was a simple/free/cheap way to do version control on the database.

    I set up the server as a push point, so it'll receive updates automatically, but I won't be pulling any changes down unless I explicitly commit them, so there shouldn't be much to worry about.

    I've considered hosting my own sites on one of my own machines, but I don't trust my ISP and don't want to pay them more money for a business account and I don't want to pay for the electricity to keep a machine running 24/7. Overall, it's just simpler and cheaper to pay for hosting and I have about as much control as I could ever hope for. I also don't have any clients, so I wouldn't be making any money off the server.
  6. Hi All,

    I've started learning HTML, JS and other programming languages about 6 months ago, I don't consider my self a pro like the guys before me but I think I can handle what I do pretty well.

    For my setup I have a MacBook Pro 2011 which is currently running OSX Yosemite Beta 2 as of 21st August 2014. My text editor for my MacBook Pro is Brackets from Adobe - Brackets.io it's great to just do work and see it come to life live in Google Chrome as I build it. I don't think it has any SFTP/FTP capabilities or I just haven't checked. 

    As I mentioned in another post about programming I was wondering if anyone could help me with trying to uplaod my files that I wrote onto a live domain which I would be ready to buy. Could you guys also point out what I should be looking for so as to not get something which has limited, c**p capabilities.

    All the best guys,
  7. If you're looking to just get a live site up and running there are some free hosting places out there but they're pretty much all garbage.  I would take a look at hostgator, I've had clients with sites on them before and overall the performance was on par with GoDaddy and it was a couple of bucks less a month.  I think they start as low as 4.00 a month or there abouts. If you are looking to build client sites, I would go with something more substantial, such as a VPS or a dedicated server, either rackspace or linode or other high volume datacenters. I've played around with a TON of editors, brackets included.  I love that Adobe finally did something open sourced, that was a bit of a welcome surprise.  I've actually been toying with Espresso lately and like it a lot.  Seems to be a great little editor with FTP/SFTP capabilities.
  8. Well I mean this may sound like a bad thing but for windows I use Onenote with notepad for some programs. I am learning java and Html.
  9. Nothing wrong with anything really as long as you're able to get done what you're trying to accomplish. In essence, if it works for you, then it's good to go!

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