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clash royale collab

Discussion in 'Collaborations' started by bry_Beast, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Sup guys Im Brybeast i have 100+ subs on YT and i enjoy playing clash royale.I am looking to collab with people to enhance my youtube experience and audience.If you are interested we could collab on discord and record gameplay.See you in the Arena!
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  2. id be donw, i dont usually post cr but yeah haha i have 500+sub message me on skype or on here Skype - itsmogbro
  3. sorry bro but im mostly on discord
  4. I would like to collaborate with you my discord is

  5. I would like to collab if you're still down
  6. I am kinda a small channel but I promise I’ll shout u out and umm if u wanna reply in Clash Royale my group is Swofterzzz obviously u don’t have to reply on there it’s just that’s another way I guess ummmmmm I’m in stage 4 i think If u do look up my group look at the people in it I’m “SwofterPlayzzz” u can look at my deck and yeh that’s rly it plz reply soon thanks alot!

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