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can anybody review my channel

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by ScorpdeCorp, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. First of all, Hello!

    Second of all: Audio.

    Your audio clips up and down in your "Featured Video" that I see when I first go to your channel. This sets a bad precident.

    Your audio in some of your newer tuts is decent, but my audio is maxed out and I still cannot hear you. This will lead to viewer abandonment and stagnant subscribers. I would recommend moving closer to the Mic, raising the recording volume, or editing the file in POST to raise the audio to a decent level. Usually I have my audio maxed out at -6dB in Audacity after mixing (sometimes I forget to level it and it gets up to 0dB and I regret it in video editing).

    So, in summary:
    • I'm blunt (sorry)
    • Fix your audio
      • Raise the recording volume and keep your current distance to the mic
      • Move the mic closer to yourself and speak slightly louder
      • Keep the set up the same and/or speak slightly louder but edit the audio in a program like Audacity

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