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*Calling all YouTuber's* - Let's Help Each Other Grow!

Discussion in 'Promote your Channel' started by Vyzro, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Hello, fellow YouTubers!

    I was thinking about making a Discord Server, where we can each send our links to it and from there we can easily check out each other's videos and support one another other and remain active on each other's channels! If enough people are interested in this I will set one up! I think this is a great opportunity for smaller YouTuber's!

    Links to contact me :cool:

    EDIT: I decided to create a server, join here! https://discord.gg/DUVT6VU

    Discord - GlassOfWhiskey11#8789 - Add me regardless of whether you're interested ;)
    Twitter @Vyzro
    YouTube - Vyzro

    Thanks, everyone and I hope this works out. :D
  2. Cao ca nha ! minh moi tham gia mong moi nguoi giup do

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