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any suggestion for my league of legends channel?

Discussion in 'Channel Feedback' started by leagueofnema, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys!
    i am running a league of legends gaming channel.
    i appreciate your time if you check my channel & give me suggestions to improve my channel.


    Thank you guys!
    Peace :)
  2. Looks like you're doing pretty well already. The quality of the gameplays looks decent. Here are a couple of things you could work on:
    • More variation. I see a lot of "Best of LoL" videos one after the other. You could make things more interesting by varying your content. After a "Best of" video, you could do a LoL tutorial or a specific mission that you want to show.
    • Is it possible to add sound from the game to the videos? If the music is the only thing that the viewer hears, that's a bit boring.
    • Think about what sets you apart from other LoL channels. I'm not an LoL player, so I'm not familiar with all the nuances. But your videos don't really look different from all the other LoL videos I've seen before.
    • A consistent visual style. Your banner and thumbnails have a lot of different colors and fonts. Create a branding style for your channel to have a consistent look and feel to it. Or ask a designer to do that for you.
    • Channel trailer. Add a channel trailer that gives visitors a good idea of what your channel is about.
    • Show your personality. Channels do better if viewers can relate to the person running it. Maybe you can add some commentary to your gameplays, or film yourself while you're telling some stuff about LoL.
    I hope this helps. Good luck!
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  3. Hello Geoffrey Reemer!
    Thanks a lot for giving me your valuable feedback for my channel.

    yup it helps me a lot.

    Thank you once again sir.

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